Custom Blends

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Custom Blends


Want a a custom blend created just for you?

Buy one now to see how easy it is to have a hand-crafted aromatherapy product created!

This price is the base cost for the formulation~ I will send you an invoice once your item is created to pay for the actual item cost.

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A few things to be aware of BEFORE you purchase this item.

1) If you are on any medications PLEASE do not buy this item. I want to make sure there are no issues between medications and the essential oils I choose for you- instead grab a full aromatherapy session.

2) The $10 is the BASE price for formulation you WILL receive an invoice with pricing details for your full item before I create and mail it or schedule pick up.

3) I make no promises that an essential oil blend will help with what you want. Since I am not a medical professional I can not treat, prevent, cure or diagnose any known illness or disease. Please remember this when ordering.

4) There are no returns or exchanges with this purchase, no exceptions.