Whether you are new to the use of essential oils or are just interested in boosting your knowledge, Amber Duncan with The Apothecary Institute has you covered.  We offer a variety of classes, as well as events and workshops, that can be attended locally in/around Dayton, Ohio as well as remotely online from almost anywhere in the world!

Amber is a Clinical Aromatherapist and her focus is not just on essential oils education, but on the safety that is involved and often times not discussed by the workshops seen hosted.  Choosing Holistic Health Helper's Apothecary Institute means choosing Dayton's' #1 choice for evidence-based aromatherapy, and that means gaining quality knowledge while keeping yourself and your family safe.  We can't wait to work with you!

Introduction to Essential Oils


This is an online mini format of my 101 Workshop. To learn more and get started today click on "Enroll Now" and you will go to the school website.

Pregnancy and Essential Oils

SALE $15

This is the online version of my pregnancy and essential oils workshop. I am currently adding additional videos to this course- Get in now at the sale price!

SALE $10

Children and
Essential Oils

This is the e-course version of my workshop- Children and Essential Oils. We cover all the basics including which oils you need to avoid with your little ones. On sale now while I update videos and graphics!

Aromatherapy for Doulas   SALE $15

This course is great for all birth workers- it covers the safety concerns of using aromatherapy in pregnancy and around a newborn. On sale now while I update videos and graphics!