5 Winter Recipes

Welcome All to the New Year!

I know many of you probably got a few new essential oils this past holiday and now that it is a new year it is a great time to learn more about how to use them safely. For that purpose I thought a few new recipe ideas would be great to get you started.

First up~ an aromatherapy inhaler for your congestion issues. This blend is kid safe for kiddos 2 and up.

To a blank aromatherapy inhaler add:

6 drops siberian Fir (Abies sibirica)

6 drops cedarwood (Juniperus virginiana)

6 drops ho wood (Cinnamomum camphora ct linalol)

This blend will last for 3 or 4 months on the inhaler so you should be able to get through the winter season. You will get a chance to learn more about these essential oils in an upcoming blog~ Essential Oils for Congestion!

Recipe Number Two

Chilly temps equals a cough~ here is a blend for your chest to help with the cooler temps leading to a long-lasting cough.

Create a master blend with the following essential oils in a 5ml bottle.

20 drops balsam copaiba (Copaifera officinalis)

20 drops cedarwood (Juniperus virginiana)

20 drops fragonia ™ (Agonis fragrans)

20 drops inula (Inula graveolens)

Add a euro dropper to your bottle to make creating blends with this master even easier!

Now take a 10ml roller ball and add 8 drops of your blend (making this blend almost a 5% dilution); top off the container with your favorite liquid carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, baobab seed oil etc. )

Recipe Number Three

Kiddo friendly roller blend for cough~ the good news? The master blend you just created is kid safe but the dilution we made the roller ball is not so much. So grab another roller bottle and only add:

1 drop if your kiddo is ages 1-2: dilution here is about ½ percent- you can always take it up if absolutely necessary to one percent (2 drops in the bottle) but we want to start low- remember our goal is lowest effective dosage since the danger is always in the dose.

2 drops go in the roller bottle if your child is between 3 and 5: this starts you at one percent, if it doesn’t help then again you can go up~ start by adding one additional drop at a time, maximum recommendation is 2-3 percent (4-6 drops in your roller ball).

Recipe Number Four

Now time to create another master blend~ but this one is for your diffuser!

In a 5ml bottle add the following essential oils:

25 drops sweet orange (Citrus sinensis)

10 drops frankincense (Boswellia carterii)

20 drops tulsi (Ocimum sanctum ct eugenol)

Add your euro dropper to make adding to drops to your diffuser easy.

Now add drops to your diffuser according to your diffuser settings and recommendations. Remember it is best to only have your diffuser on for 30 minutes at a time with an hour off in between sessions. Also, if you have furry kiddos please check out the Safe Animal Aromatherapy page on Facebook~ there is a lot of great information about making sure what you use at home is safe for all your babies.

Recipe Number Five

Ready to clear the air in your home? Here is a great diffuser blend for making the inside feel like home.

Again we are going to create a master blend.

Add to your empty 5ml bottle:

20 drops bergamot (Citrus bergamia)

20 drops grapefruit (Citrus paradisi)

20 drops juniper berry (Juniperus communis)

20 drops ho wood (Cinnamomum camphora ct linalol)

Again, add your euro dropper then place the appropriate number of drops into your diffuser.

And there we have it 5 new recipes to help you get through the winter in one piece. Coming up soon we have posts on carrier oils for winter skin issues and essential oils for congestion. With both of thee we will have a few extra new recipes so make sure to stay tuned and have a beautiful week! Also, if you are on FB take a moment to join our group Essential Oil Safety for Parents ~ Amber

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