Carrier Oils for Winter Skin

With us being in full blown winter fun here in Ohio (okay it has been unseasonably warm... but still too cold for me) I thought it would be fun to go over some of the carrier oils you can use for your skin care. These oils are able to be used alone without essential oils as they bring their very own therapeutic properties to the table and often irritated skin doesn't need essential oils to make it better. Recently my son ended up with a nasty case of chapped skin on his hands and at the age of 4 good luck explaining why mommy really meant he had to have his gloves on at all times, until it was too late. So of course I whipped him up a mix of carrier oils to try and help... and it did just took too long according to him. Thankfully though it did heal up relatively quick and without much of an issue pain wise. What follows are a few carrier oils and their different properties that can assist winter skin issues.

Jojoba Oil

Also called jojoba wax (as it is actually a wax not an oil) this carrier comes from an evergreen shrub that grows in the US, China and Israel. This one chemically resembles our own natural sebum~ making it perfect for almost any skin condition or issue. It can help with dry skin, irritation associated with psoriasis or eczema, chapped skin, sunburn and has great slide for use as a massage oil.

Hemp Seed Oil

This carrier oil is a great non greasy carrier that absorbs easily into the skin. This carrier is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. It has been known to help protect the skin, which is something we all need when the winds kick up. It can help with dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and potentially acne issues. It does have a short shelf life of only about 8 months though so make sure you store it in the fridge.

Tamanu Oil

Okay, you knew this one was going to be here... I know you did... it is my Ho Wood (Cinnamomum camphora ct linalol) of the carrier oil world... I use it that much. Now it does not have the most appetizing of scents but it is an amazing skin healer so we will allow it to not smell so pretty ;) This oil has been researched well and it has been shown to have an amazing knack for healing skin issues. This oil is good for minor wounds, skin irritations and rashes. It is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal. The shelf life is about 18 months so please keep it refrigerated.

Baobab Seed Oil

Another carrier that I tend to rely on heavily is this~ baobab seed oil. It has an ability to help your skin retain moisture that I have found to be very useful for my skin care. This oil like those before it is great for helping with dry skin, psoriasis and eczema. It does not absorb as well as other oils so be mindful of this when creating blends with this carrier.

Shea Butter

The last carrier I am going to cover is a butter that is used in many, many skin care products today. It may feel a bit redundant to you due to that and (honestly) its not my favorite carrier at all for this very reason~ and it feels a bit too thick for my skin. However, its skin healing properties can not be ignored... and for that reason it is here. This is an amazing skin moisturizer- you can quite literally just whip some up and use it as a stand alone product. But you can also add it to other carriers to create some amazing butters, balms, salves etc. This carrier is good for severe dry skin (including chapped skin), stretch marks, burns and it is great for the scalp. Make sure to get unrefined, raw, organic shea butter for the bet properties and its shelf life is only about a year so keep that in mind when you purchase it.


Wow~ see how quickly we just went over 5 different carriers all great for winter skin issues? Now we get to look forward to more exciting things~ like essential oils for congestion~ coming next week. Please enjoy your weekend (if you are reading this as of me posting it) and remember to bless and release anything that does not serve you. 

As always~ nothing written here is intended as medical advice. I am NOT a medical professional and as such can not treat, prevent, cure or diagnose any know disease or illness. Please seek the advice of your medical professionals before altering your current regimens in anyway to ensure upmost safety for yourself. ~ Amber

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