NAHA Conference 2016

Can you believe we already have reached past mid- August? It seriously feels like it should still be spring- but alas fall is almost upon on us and with it a very exciting trip that I hope you want to take with me- to Utah! That’s right before we know it the NAHA Conference 2016 will be here, I am so excited about it I already bought my plane ticket! So now I want to share why YOU should meet me there. Yes, this is an aromatherapy conference and if you are even a little bit intrigued by aromatherapy you should want to be there!

Who is speaking at this event?

I am certainly glad you asked- first up and the keynote address on Thursday will be Jean Bokelmann, MD and her topic is The Increasing Relevance of Aromatherapy In Our Society: How Essential Oils and Phytotherapy Have and Always Will Play an Important Role in the Health and Healing of Our Society.  Dr. Bokelmann is a faculty member of the Idaho State University Family Medicine Residency Program. What is endobiogeny? Good question- I asked the same thing reading her bio; according to the American Society of Endobiogenic Medicine and Integrative PhysiologyEndobiogeny is a theory of terrain that seeks to explain the method, by which human life develops, maintains and adapts itself throughout its various phases as managed by the endocrine system.”(1) A paper written on the subject says that “Endobiogeny is a global systems approach to human biology that may offer an advancement in clinical medicine”.(2) As you will soon see it appears to be an area quite a few people have found to be useful in their practice.

Other prominent speakers on Thursday include:

Laramie Wheeler, DO is speaking on Integrating Phyto-Aromatherapy into Everyday Healthcare. Dr. Wheeler also was intrigued by endobiogeny and the ways we can heal our bodies naturally when we look at a whole body not just pieces parts. She now owns an integrated family medicine practice in Idaho.

Jade Shutes is teaching us about both essential oils and herbs that can help with respiratory care in her segment Breath of Life: Aromatic Medicine for the Respiratory System. She is the director of education for The East-West School of Aromatic Studies.  

Mindy Green will be talking about Feng Shui Enhancement with Aromatherapy- how environmental scents of the home or office can promote different types of energy and how we can use this to our benefit.

Madeleine Kerkhof  has written an amazing book entitled Complementary Nursing in End of Life Care – Integrative Care in Palliative Care which also happens to be the subject she will be speaking on. If you are working with the older generations this is an awesome book to have as a reference. I have an (affiliated) Amazon link to it here:

Friday promises to be an amazing day as well-

Starting off with Andrea Butje- a favorite of mine for sure since she is the teacher behind Aromahead Institute! Her topic is Aroma Chemistry and How It Can Be Used Practically When Blending. We all know I love my chemistry (read with huge sarcasm) but it is so important as one level of creating blends that I am anxious to hear what Andrea has to say.

Annette Davis, CN is yet another practioner of endobiogeny (anyone else feel the need to learn more about this?). She will be discussing Practical Clinical Phyto-Aromatherapy for Common Complaints. One of the complaints she mentions is fatigue… and as moms and dads I know we all could use as much help in this area as possible.

Valerie Cooksley will be talking about Aromatic Roots: Exploration of Plant Morphology, Root Essential Oils, Pelotherapy, Preventing Inflammation and Enhancing Groundedness, and much like fatigue being an ever present situation in many of our lives- who doesn’t want to be better grounded? I know that using root essential oils always helps me feel more calm and in control, so I know this will be an insightful topic.

Cathy Skipper & Florian Birkmayer, MD are covering Alchemy and Medicine of The Soul, they are also doing a full day- post conference workshop on this topic. Oh how I wish I could attend that- but I know the kiddos (plus hubby) will need me home. So at least I can attend this smaller talk about it.

The day ends with the Gala Banquet Keynote address from Habib Sadeghi, DO over The Essential Poetry of Plant Oils as Linguistic Abstraction Used to Kreatively Create a New Realm of Healing. All I can say is this sounds pretty interesting- take a second and go read his bio (through the hyperlink on his name).

With all the amazing speakers on Thursday and Friday it is amazing they still have speakers to choose from for the next two days but Saturday they pull out additional big guys in the field. I am not going to be able to miss a single one of these.

Robert Tisserand is going to speak on one of my favorite things to discuss The Power of Dilution: Safety and Efficacy in Applying Essential Oils to the Skin. It still amazes me how many people think you need to use tons and tons of drops in order to get an effective application- when in so many cases less is truly more.

Gabriel Mojay is talking about In the Garden of Hecate: the TCM-energetics and Pharmacodynamics of Lavandula angustifolia Essential Oil in the Integrated Treatment of Anxiety and Anxious Depression. Seriously there is a never ending list of people speaking here that have been in this field as long as I have been alive (adding to my nervousness mentioned below!) And this guy is no exception- a look strictly at lavender and how it can be used with traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Good thing I love lavender- though my personal favorite is lavandin grosso, a hybrid essential oil.

Pejman Katiraei, DO will be covering Behavioral Endocrinology: How Phyto-Aromatherapy Can Change the Lives of Children and Families with Behavioral Problems. Learning about the potential for herbal answers to behavioral issues? Okay, you have me intrigued.

Mark Webb is the other full-day post conference presenter (see below) in his topic Bush Sense: The Therapeutic, Spiritual, and Shamanic Uses of Australian Essential Oils and Aromatic Compounds, he promises to go over some of the Australian essential oils! Who doesn’t love their Australian based oils? And if you want to learn more about them- then guess what- you need to join me at this event!

Sunday is the day I am most anxious for-

-it may have something to do with being one of the first breakout sessions of the conference- but I could be wrong about that (just kidding it IS because I am one of the speakers on Sunday… seeing me speak to this audience will be worth the price of admission I am sure!) But nerves aside, Sunday is the day of breakout sessions- I am personally VERY happy I am not at the same time as Kelly Holland Azzaro teaching about Animal Aromatherapy because I WILL be sitting in on that one! The other breakout sessions offered will include:

Roxana Villa: Scent and the Honey Bee

Amy Chadwick, ND: Beyond Aromatics: How Essential Oils and Mother Tinctures Can Work Together to Heal Illness and Prevent Disease

Jennifer Hochell Pressimone: Aromatherapy Custom Blending Techniques: From Concept to Creation

Rachel Koenig: Enhancing Fertility with Aromatherapy and Acupoints

Elizabeth Ashley: Sales Strategies for Gentle Healers

Karey Shane: Using Aromatherapy to Empower Human Trafficking Victims to Make Friends with the Fear Inside of Them

Eric Scott Bresselsmith: Artisan Essential Oil Distillation Featuring Conifers and Co-distillation

Then there is Monday- a day for post-conference workshops and there are 2 yes TWO, Post-Conference Workshop options!

Since making us choose it just the way things go sometimes.

The first is Alchemy and medicine of the soul with Cathy Skipper and Dr. Florian Birkmayer; or you can do Aromatic Medicine: Practical Applications using Chemistry and Therapeutic Strategies with Mark Webb. Either way these are two-full day workshops!

Wow! To learn more about any of these speakers or their subjects please click on the links- it will take you right to the NAHA Conference website.

More Reasons to Come

I know after seeing all the amazing topics and speakers you don’t really NEED more reasons to come out but just in case- the conference is happening is Salt Lake City Utah. The views promise to be amazing and the weather outlook for late October? is showing some pretty lovely potential! I am super excited for wearing fall clothes and learning about the things I love!


How do I sign up?

It is super easy to sign up and get set to join me out in Salt Lake City this fall. Go to the registration tab of the conference website. Pick dates and whether or not you are a NAHA Member (hint there is a discount if you are a member!) Then make sure you contact the hotel too for your room reservations.

Not able to make it?

If you are not able to make it out this time- I will miss being able to see you BUT you can still help out! Do you own a business or know some that may be interested in sponsoring? Check out the sponsor’s page for more information!