Sandalwood Essential Oil

Essential Oil Profile


Santalum album

Countries of Origin

This is Indian Sandalwood which grows mainly in southern India.

Plant Family


Main Chemical Components (1)

Alpha- Santalol 46.2-59.9%

Beta- Santalol 20.5-29.0%

Nuciferol 1.1-5.5%

Extraction Method and Plant Part

Steam distilled from the trunk of the plant.

About the Oil

                Color- colorless to pale yellow

                Aroma-  this variant tends to have a balsamic top note that is also, warm, radiant and woody

About the Plant

The height of the evergreen tree is between 4 and 9 meters. They may live to one hundred years of age. The tree is variable in habit, usually upright to sprawling, and may intertwine with other species. The heartwood starts to increase the amount of oil when the tree is about 10 years old, however, most often the tree is not harvested until it is at least 30 years old.

Therapeutic Properties

Anti-infectious, Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial, Anti-Spasmodic, Tonic

Energetic Properties (2)

Supports meditation and inner unity, quiets mental activity, reduces irritation and aggressive behavior, provides protection energetically, brings us back to ourselves and encourages acceptance

Safety Concerns

No Safety Concerns. Maximum dermal use is recommended at 2% due in part to the risk of photo allergic reactions. (1) But this species is considered vulnerable and as such care should be taken when buying this oil, ensure it is being ethically farmed and that you use only what you need (no wasting this oil!)

Expected Shelf Life

6-8 years


1)      Tisserand and Young Essential Oil Safety


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