Black Spruce Essential Oil

Essential Oil Profile

Black Spruce

Picea mariana

Countries of Origin


Plant Family


Main Chemical Components (1)

Bornyl acetate 36.8%

Beta- Pinene 14.2%

Alpha- Pinene 13.7%

Camphene 8.1%

(+)- Limonene 5.2%

Extraction Method and Plant Part

Steam distilled from the needles of this evergreen tree.

About the Oil

                Color- clear

                Aroma-  very true to the pine/evergreens this oil smells like a pine and is woody with a sweet undertone to this middle/top note essential oil.

About the Plant (2)

Black spruce can also be called bog spruce, swamp spruce, and shortleaf black spruce. It is a wide-ranging, abundant evergreen in the northern parts of North America. Its wood is yellow-white in color, relatively light yet strong. Black spruce is the most important pulpwood species of Canada, the principal commercial use of black spruce both in Canada and the United States is for making high quality pulp with balanced strength properties. Black spruce has been used to produce specialized products including healing salves from spruce gum; beverages made from the twigs and needles; and aromatic distillations from needles.

Therapeutic Properties

anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, analgesic, expectorant and mucolytic

Energetic Properties (3)

Associated chakras: 1st Chakra, 2nd Chakra, 4th Chakra, 6th Chakra

This oil can assist with grounding, calming and centering oneself.

Safety Concerns (1)

There is an increased risk of skin sensitization if the oil used is oxidized, and as such any old or oxidized oils should be avoided.

Expected Shelf Life

4-5 years best stored in a dark container and in a refrigerator to avoid oxidation.  


1)      Tisserand and Young Essential Oil Safety



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