Baobab Seed Oil

Carrier Oil Profile

Baobab Seed Oil

Adansonia digitata

Countries of Origin

All of Africa (mainland), Arabian Peninsula

Extraction Method

Cold Pressed from the seed of the fruit, can be made using heat however this produces an oil that has higher phosphorus levels than cold pressed. (1)

About the Oil

                Texture/Consistency- thick and rich

                Color- golden yellow (very similar to Jojoba Wax Simmondsia chinensis)

                Aroma- Very light nutty but sweet aroma

About the Plant

The thick and massive trunk of this tree, combined with the fact that its branches almost appear to be roots have led to it being known as “the upside down tree”. The flowers of this tree open at night and fall within 24 hours. This species (one of 9 in this family) has large, white flowers that can reach 5 inches in diameter, surrounding a mass of purplish stamens. (2) This tree is a defining icon of the bush-lands in Africa and can store up to 26,000 gallons of water in its trunk.

Therapeutic Properties

A highly penetrating oil, promotes cell regeneration, is analgesic, known to improve skin tone and elasticity and helps to relieve dryness associated with psoriasis and eczema.

Expected Shelf Life

2-4 years, best storage is cool and dark.




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