Hemp Seed Oil Carrier Profile

Carrier Oil Profile

Hemp Seed Oil

Cannabis sativa

Countries of Origin

Basically everywhere now as this plant can be grown easily in greenhouses. Indigenous to Central Asia.

Extraction Method

Cold Pressed from the seeds for best oil, but the whole plant can be pressed

About the Oil

                Texture/Consistency- light and non-greasy

                Color- ranges from a dark to light green (almost clear) depending upon if it has been refined.

                Aroma- Very light nutty aroma

                Fatty Acids (2): Palmitic- 5.65%; Steric- 1.96%; Oleic- 9.85%; Linoleic- 51.96%; Linolenic- 10.07%

About the Plant

Sativa is one of 3 species of the genus Cannabis, they are an annual flowering plant that is indigenous to central Asia and the subcontinent of India. This is a plant that is cultivated for a multitude of reasons including: the fibers, for oils, for medicinal drugs (and the occasional recreational drug use). It is very important to note that testing has shown no psychoactive components that are found in the dried leaves of this plant.

Therapeutic Properties

Anti-oxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Moisturizing, Skin protectant

Expected Shelf Life

6 to 12 months- this carrier is best kept cold to extend shelf life (1)


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This profile only relates to the carrier oil use in aromatherapy; this particular oil has many culinary uses as well but I will leave you to research those on your own.

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