Balsam Copaiba

Essential Oil Profile

Balsam Copaiba

Copaifera officinalis

Countries of Origin

Brazil, Venezuela

Plant Family


Main Chemical Components (1)

Beta Caryophyllene- 24.7%

Alpha Copaene 20.7%

 Extraction Method and Plant Part

Steam distilled from the resin of the tree

About the Oil

            Color- clear to very pale yellow

            Aroma-  This essential oil has a very mild earthy scent

About the Plant

Copaiba trees are considerably branched and grow from 15-30 m high. They produce many small, white flowers and small fruit pods with 2-4 seeds inside. There are 35 species of Copaifera, found mainly in tropical South America. The part of the tree that is often used medicinally is the oleoresin that accumulates in cavities within the tree trunk. It is harvested by tapping or drilling holes into the wood of the trunk and collecting the resin that drips out. A single copaiba tree can provide approximately 40 liters of oleoresin annually, making it a sustainable rainforest resource.

Therapeutic Properties

analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, cooling, skin healing, immune system stimulant

Energetic Properties (2)

Associated Chakras- 1st, 2nd and 3rd  

This oil can be used in meditation when you need to find harmony, it is also helpful in healing old wounds (like most resins).

Safety Concerns

No known safety hazards or contraindications.

Fun Fact

“The traditional medicine in Brazil recommends Copaiba oil as an anti-inflammatory agent, for treatment of dandruff, all kinds of skin disorders and for stomach ulcers. Copaiba also has diuretic, expectorant, disinfecting and stimulating properties, and is being utilized in the treatment of bronchitis, sore throat, psoriasis, against parasites and as a contraceptive. In addition, Copaiba oil serves as fuel, replacing the diesel oil in the oil lamps as used in the Amazonian comunities. Copaiba oil can be used for industrial production of varnish, perfumes, pharmaceutical articles and even for revealing photographs.” (3)

Expected Shelf Life

6-8 years


1)    Tisserand and Young Essential Oil Safety



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