Kpangnan Butter

Carrier Oil Profile

Kpangnan Butter (pronounced “pa-nya”)

Pentadesma butyracea

Countries of Origin

Africa- this plant is known as the “African butter tree”

Extraction Method

Cold pressed- best to use the unrefined as the refining process alters the therapeutic properties.

About the Oil

                Texture/Consistency- firm and silky, very similar to shea

                Color- Yellow

                Aroma- very rich, said to be a mix of shea and cocoa

                Components- Stigmasterol (50% +)- an unsaturated plant sterol that contains anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agents

About the Plant

Often this plant is considered to be yellow or golden shea butter but this is a misnomer as they are two completely different species. “An interesting aspect of the African butter tree is that is it pollinated by bats, specifically the African long-tongued fruit bat (Megaloglossus woermanni). The shea flowers are not as large as those of the African butter tree and are insect pollinated. While the kernels of the two species are somewhat similar in appearance, the fruits are quite distinct from each other.”(1)

Therapeutic Properties

Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, moisturizing

Expected Shelf Life

?- I have not seen references to a shelf life, so I would go with 1 year and keep it cool and dark- if there are any changes to odor or appearance, don’t use it.




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