Trauma Oil Profile

Trauma Oil

Calendula officinalis, Arnica montana, and Hypericum perforatum in Simmondsia chinensis

Countries of Origin

Arnica- North America

Calendula- southwestern Asia, western Europe, Macaronesia, and the Mediterranean.

St. John’s Wort- All over the world

About the Oil

All of the following categories will be dependent on the carrier that the flowers are infused into. In the above example we are using jojoba wax so the answers are for that.       

Texture/Consistency- dependent upon carrier infused into- this carrier is smooth with a good amount of glide for massage use.

                Color- yellow

Aroma- slight nutty aroma- the flowers do not bring much scent when infused.

About the Plants

Arnica-  a genus of perennial, herbaceous plants in the sunflower family Asteraceae.(1)

St. John’s Wort- a flowering plant in the family Hypericaceae.(2)

Calendula- is a genus of about 15–20 species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants in the daisy family Asteraceae.(3)

Extraction Method

The flowers of all three plants are added to a container with a carrier oil (in the above example-jojoba wax). This is allowed to stand in the sun for 2-3 weeks to allow time for the properties of the flowers to infuse into the carrier oil. The product is then strained and rebottled.

Therapeutic Properties

Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic, Moisturizing, Healing

This is a carrier that is great on its own- no need to add essential oils.

Expected Shelf Life

Depends on the shelf life of the oil that the flowers are infused into- in the case of jojoba wax as outlined it would be about 4-5 years.





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