Creating Aroma-Inhalers

What is my absolute favorite, easy to use, go-to for aromatherapy? Why aroma-inhalers. If you have seen any of my posts previously you can probably figure out pretty quick that I use these on a daily basis for almost every issue that I want to solve with my essential oils.

 So what is an aroma-inhaler?

Why it is a little cotton stick inside both a plastic or glass/ aluminum body that you place your essential oils on and use to inhale the wonderful aromas you have created. You can easily procure aroma-inhalers from many vendors including Aroma-Matrix (yes an affiliate link BUT we have a discount code to use: H3Wellness10 to save 10% on your order!). My favorite are the aluminum with glass ones as they are the easiest to re-use.

 What issues can I use one for?

This is where aroma-inhalers really shine; you can use them for most issues that you need systemic or emotional support. Now, obviously, if your knee hurts you will want to use a topical application directly to your knee. But if you want a blend to lift your spirits or to prevent those yucky seasonal bugs and allergies from getting to you- well you can easily use and carry an aroma-inhaler!

 How do I make a blend on one?

Here is a super easy step by step guide:

  1. Procure an aroma-inhaler
  2. Grab the essential oils you want to use
  3. Apply 18-21 drops of your essential oil(s) to the cotton wick of your inhaler
  4. Place the wick into the aroma-inhaler
  5. Cap you aroma-inhaler: the oils will “marry” over about the next 24 hours, so the final scent may be a bit different tomorrow.  It will also change as the oils evaporate from the cotton.

The great news is this can last up to 6 months depending on the essential oils that you put on the cotton wick. The more base note/thicker oils will last longer than your top note/citrus essential oils. A great trick is you are stuck on creating a blend idea is to (like last week's post here) go over to Stillpoint Aromatics and use their "therapeutic properties" tab to find essential oils specifically for the issue you are hoping to resolve.

I hope this helps you as you begin to use aromatherapy and aroma-inhalers. Stay tuned this week for a new post "Fix-it Friday" where I will pull one pin from pinterest and re-work it to actually be safe... wish me luck! Also three things:

1) Don't forget to go and get your free e-copy of Rose Goddess Medicine before Friday!

2) Don't forget to use our code over at Aroma Matrix to get an extra 10% off all the things you need!

3) As ALWAYS nothing written here is intended as medical advice. Nor should it be used to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any known illness or disease. If you have any medical conditions PLEASE consult a medical professional before changing your health routines.

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