Creating Diffuser Blends

Happy November All!! Can we seriously believe that next week is Thanksgiving?? I actually have to put up Christmas decorations right after... plus a certain elf has to "reappear" into my home about that same time. But enough of my personal and parenting woes... this week I wanted to share a little insight into creating amazing diffuser blends that can actually accomplish a therapeutic effect in addition to making your home smell perfect.

First off, what IS a diffuser??

A diffuser is a device used to help get the essential oils (in this case) into the air. There are many, many different types from jewelry to electric and everything in between. Jewelry ones tend to be very simple they have a lava bead, ceramic piece, or even just a cotton pad on or in them. This is where you apply the essential oil and then it evaporates off over time. I could do a whole blog post on different essential oil jewelry- and now that I think of it I just may! Stay tuned. Below is a picture of a diffuser necklace I own, it has a simple cotton pad that goes inside with a few drops of essential oil on it.

Another type are the electric kind- for this there are many varieties as well. The most common one you will see is an ultrasonic diffuser, this has water in a bowl that you add the essential oils to and then it spins the water and oils and releases teeny tiny particles into the air of both water and the essential oil. The recommendation for safe use of a diffuser of any type has been noted as being 30 minutes on 1 hour off for normal adult use. Use around pets and children is another thing so please ask about specific oils and length of use for age groups and pet type.

Creating Blends

This is where things get both fun and interesting. There are many ways to create blends but my go-to for those starting out is to blend by note- this allows you to have a scent that will evaporate quickly, one that will stick around for a while and one in the middle.

So 3 oils is all you need for a quick blend. One top note, one middle note and one base note. How do you pick these out? Easy- head over to Stillpoint Aromatics- click on “shop by therapeutic effect”. On this page pick out what it is you want from your blend-

Want to kill some bugs in the air?  Check Anti-microbial, Anti-viral and/or Anti-bacterial

Want to uplift your mood? Check Anti-depressant and/or Energizing

These will give you a great breakdown of the essential oils that do what you are looking for- then pick an oil you already own (or want to have an excuse to buy) and see what the page says about it. In the “essential facts” section it will list the note classification. Here is where you can see if it is a top/middle or base. It also has a “blends well with” section here is a great area to pick some other oils that will smell harmonious with the oil you have picked.

Have your 3?

Great now comes the fun- taking your three bottles of essential oils and an empty fourth to create your blend.

Start by adding one drop of each of your oils at a time to your empty bottle (I know… time consuming). But once you find a balance of scent that you like you can multiply out the number of drops of each that you had done to create a larger amount. Example below:

Say you are creating an anti-anxiety blend for your 7 year old, and it has to be oils you own, because you need it sooner than later (this is completely hypothetical of course) some great anti-anxiety oils would be:

Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)- a middle note

Buddah Wood (Eremophila mitchelli)- a base note

Orange (Citrus sinensis)- a top note

This client of ours liked the scent of 5 drops Geranium, 5 drops Orange and 6 drops of Buddah Wood. To make a larger amount we would multiply those out by 5 or so to start to fill a 5ml bottle (on average holds around 100 drops- though drops is a very vague way to measure- more on that in a later post).

Once all drops are added top with a euro dropper top and swirl gently to combine. Add the appropriate number of drops to your diffuser as needed and follow any use/safety guidelines that may be recommended for your home. It is worth noting that some essential oils are too thick for some diffusers so for your thicker oils stick to the fan type, jewelry or even our ever favorite- aroma-inhalers (as seen in our example pictures).

Hopefully this is a great start to your blending fun! There are many great ways to blend- this is just one!


As always nothing herein is intended to be used as medical advice. Please consult your medical provider before adding/changing your health routine. I am not a medical professional and as such cannot diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any known illness or disease through these publications.

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