We are now open for Aromatherapy Sessions!

Prior to booking any of the below you can schedule a complimentary discovery call to help you better understand what a session is for and what we can do.

Full Aromatherapy Session

These sessions are here to help you and I work together to use the complementary therapy that is aromatherapy to help you and your exact situation.

We start with a phone call to make sure you understand what the session entails and how aromatherapy may help. Next, you get a medical history questionnaire~ this form helps me to make sure any essential oils I recommend will not negatively interact with your current medicines or health concerns. You schedule your appointment and come to my office located in Kettering Ohio. We have a ninety minutes together to discuss you and your situation. Then I use my expertise to carefully hand-craft an aromatherapy product for your precise situation.

 I do not diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness or disease; I merely introduce you to a complementary therapy that can assist your body to finding its own way to health.

One aromatherapy blend is included in the session fee and this fee is due in full before we begin. 

E-sessions are available as I am happy to set up a Skype or Zoom meeting and then mail you the blend I create for you. 

Investment is $97

Pregnancy Session

If you are looking to gain help through your pregnancy you have come to the right place! I specialize in aromatherapy in pregnancy, as a birth doula and having had spoken at The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy Conference 2016 on this very topic, you have come to the best person to help navigate the field of aromatherapy in pregnancy.

These sessions are scheduled separately from regular sessions because pregnancy is a very special time and advanced considerations need to be addressed. Before the session even starts we will have a phone call to help you understand what aromatherapy may help with and to address any concerns prior to the appointment. Next, I will email you a medical history questionnaire, this will include questions about this and previous pregnancies, it is used to ensure suggestions made are safe for you and your growing bundle of joy. Once your appointment arrives you get to come and sit as we discuss this pregnancy and what you want to use aromatherapy for. Then I am able to hand-craft a product (or products) specifically for you. Any products created are charged in addition to the session fee. These sessions are available over the internet through Skype or Zoom meetings and I am happy to mail you your item(s).

A Pregnancy Session investment is $127

Multiple sessions can be scheduled or look below to learn about my specialty Pregnancy Care Package!

Pregnancy Care Package

With this package you get all the knowledge and hand blending of a pregnancy session BUT we actually set 4 different appointments AND you get 4 (yes 4) blends specifically for you and your pregnancy, included! This allows you to have the items created all at once or spread them out over the course of your pregnancy- from conception to 4th trimester.

This also gives you access to me for up to 300 minutes~ we can go over specifically aromatherapy considerations


we can go over other pregnancy/ birth concerns. As a birth doula I have knowledge relating to this area outside of just aromatherapy (plus I have 3 kiddos at home).


Truly the limit is what you desire, it is your pregnancy; I am here to help create the aromatherapy you want for it. This package is available over the internet as well~ distance is not a limiting factor to your complementary therapy needs.


Investment: $297

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